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By Francesco Alfieri

This e-book examines the phenomenological anthropology of Edith Stein. It in particular makes a speciality of the query which Stein addressed in her paintings Finite and everlasting Being: what's the foundational precept that makes the person distinctive and unrepeatable in the human species? conventional analyses of Edith Stein’s writings have tended to border her perspectives in this factor as being motivated through Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, whereas neglecting her curiosity within the lesser-known determine of Duns Scotus. but, as this publication indicates, with reference to the query of individuality, Stein was once serious of Aquinas’ process, discovering that of Duns Scotus to be extra convincing. in an effort to get to the guts of Stein’s readings of Duns Scotus, this ebook appears to be like at her released writings and her own correspondence, as well as accomplishing a meticulous research of the unique codexes on which her resources have been dependent. Written with diligence and aptitude, the ebook seriously evaluates the authenticity of Stein’s resources and exhibits how the placement of Scotus himself developed. It highlights the originality of Stein’s contribution, which used to be to rediscover the relevance of Mediaeval scholastic concept and reinterpret it within the language of the Phenomenological tuition based via Edmund Husserl.

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