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By Brian Jacques

The Tears of All Oceans are lacking. Six wonderful rose-colored pearls, which encourage ardour and greed in all who see them, were stolen and handed from hand at hand, leaving a cryptic path of demise and deception of their wake. And now Ublaz Mad Eyes, the evil emperor of a tropical isle, is decided to enable not anyone stand within the method of his determined try and declare the pearls as his personal. At Redwall Abbey, a tender hedgehog maid, Tansy, is both decided to discover the pearls first, with assistance from her buddies. and she or he needs to be successful, for the lifetime of one she holds pricey is in nice threat. . . .

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Sagitar seemed just a little bemused that her grasp was once no longer offended. He gazed on the empty harbour and nodded. ‘The fox has gained a conflict, yet i'll win the warfare. Come! ’ Rasconza and his vermin stood at the rocks, a secure distance clear of the rear of the palace. Guja the steersrat perched on most sensible of a rocky outcrop, his prepared eyes staring at the excessive again wall of the development. Then Rasconza addressed his captains and their crews. ‘Ole Mad Eyes is trapped like a rat in ’is personal cage now, buckoes, he ain’t acquired nowheres t’go. We received the ships, so we rule the seas. We received the island too. feels like we’re dependable so long as Ublaz is bottled up in there. Any symptoms o’ circulate, Guja? ’ protecting his eyes, the steersrat peered in the direction of the wall. ‘Nah! . . . Wait! Aye, there ’e is, ole Mad Eyes ’isself, an’ the rat Sagitar too if’n I ain’t incorrect. Hah! Sagitar’s obtained a bow an’ arrow. glance out, she’s approximately to shoot! ’ Rasconza flicked his favorite dagger excessive, catching it because it spun downward. ‘Hoho! They family hearth shafts all day, we’re good out o’ variety! ’ The arrow minimize the air in a excessive arc, dipping to hit the floor some distance in need of the Wave Brethren. Rasconza nudged a few rats. ‘They ain’t shootin’ to slay nobeast, that’s a few variety o’ message. cross an’ fetch it, friends, we’ll see wot Ublaz has t’say. ’ Rasconza learn aloud the message written on a parchment hooked up to the arrow. ‘The 5 ships you have got are dead with out rudders and tillers. I nonetheless carry the trees inventory had to fix them. At sunrise the next day i'm going to meet you the place this arrow fell to earth. i'll come by myself, unarmed, able to achieve an contract. My compliments on your ability as a pace-setter and an adversary. i don't want any more enmity to you; we are going to make peace and rule jointly. Ublaz’ Rasconza tied a crimson silken kerchief to a speartop and waved it from side to side, signalling contract to the assembly. As he did so, he stated to his captains, ‘So, desires to speak peace, does ’e? Haharr, I’d belief that ’un like I’d belief you lot with a keg o’ grog. yet by no means worry, buckoes, I is familiar with wot Mad Eyes is as much as, an’ I’m prepared! ’ Ublaz tied his eco-friendly silk kerchief to Sagitar’s bow and waved heartily in answer as he gave directions to his leader Trident-rat. ‘This time there'll be no errors. you have got your orders. ’ Sagitar avoided her eyes from the mad hypnotic stare. ‘Sire, your orders may be performed. ’ The pine marten persisted waving the kerchief, his voice weighted down with threat. ‘Fail me this time and your trident can be fastened to the quay, Sagitar. together with your head fixed upon it! ’ forty IT TOOK fairly your time for the Abbot to muster up his braveness and discover his eyes. reducing the blanket slowly, he peeped out on the head of Lask Frildur sticking out throughout the smashed panel of the cabin door. Durral sat enthusiastic about horror, looking at the large lizard’s head, until eventually steadily the reality dawned upon him. there has been no foul-smelling breath, the mouth was once loosely open and the reptilian eyes have been glazed over, part closed. Then the previous mouse heard the drip drip onto the ground from a hideous curb underneath the scaly chin, correct around the neck .

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