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By Tony Abbott

Splursh! Ka-thoom! Eric, Julie, and Neal are crusing with Princess Keeah. by surprise, they're stuck in the midst of a mystical ocean hurricane. they're shipwrecked on an island that belongs to 1 of Lord Sparr's witches. Now Eric, Julie, Neal, and Princess Keeah need to get off the island earlier than Lord Sparr will get them!

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Keeah! ” yelled Eric. “Do a spell! ” “Break whatever titanic! ” Julie cried. “Real massive! ” Keeah struggled to her toes and aimed her hands on the immense mast. “Bembo — switt! ” abruptly — crack! — the towering mast cut up in part and fell towards Sparr. Whoomf! Sparr used to be slammed again opposed to the most cabin. The black glove was once thrown from his hand. “Yes! ” Keeah shouted. Galen leaped around the deck. Grabbing the glove, he flung it into the golden chest and held the lid down tight. Sparr’s face wrinkled in horror. “That energy belongs to me! upward push, O Demither! ” “Demither? ” Eric cried. “The witch? ” The waves thundered under. an immense eco-friendly serpent burst throughout the water. It had sawlike the teeth, robust claws, and an extended, spiky tail. “The witch is a sea monster now! ” Neal cried. The serpent twisted her potent tail round the send and pulled tight. Crack! The ship’s planks started to holiday. “The hull is splitting! ” Max yelled out. “And you'll all drown! ” Sparr howled, leaping again onto his groggle. Keeah threw a thick rope to Julie. “Everyone carry tight! ” Neal lunged and grabbed the rope. “Eric,” Keeah yelled. “Take the rope! ” “I can’t achieve it! ” he cried. The serpent witch lifted the send excessive above the waves. She held it there for a second after which threw it back off into the water. Krrrrunch! The wood hull shattered into shreds. And the Jaffa Wind, with every body aboard, broke in . The send sank immediately underneath the waves. Eric’s global went black and bubbly. No! he idea. This can’t occur! I can’t sink! He clawed on the icy water, attempting to achieve the skin. Then the waves opened above him. Eric lifted his head out of the water. His palms felt anything tender. used to be it … sand? convinced! It was once sand. Eric scrambled up onto it. He sucked in a deep, deep breath. He opened his eyes. He was once on land, on a seashore. He used to be alive. “Julie! Neal! Keeah! ” he known as out. No solution. Eric appeared to his left. All he observed was once the seashore stretching away until eventually it curved out of sight. He appeared to the appropriate and observed the waves splashing opposed to piles of rocks. sooner than him was once a thick jungle filled with odd-shaped trees and tall timber. a gloomy haze hung over the treetops. the total island was once coated in fog. “What is that this position? ” he acknowledged to himself. Splursh! one other wave crashed opposed to the within sight rocks. anything tumbled onto the sand. Eric ran to the rocks. The waves had washed up a few damaged forums and a torn piece of fabric. They have been from Keeah’s send. subsequent to them, part coated via sand, was once … “The golden chest! ” Eric gasped. With the attention, he knew, something was once attainable. possibly he may use it to discover his associates. even perhaps to struggle Sparr. yet the place was once Galen? the place used to be each person? conscientiously, Eric lifted the chest from the sand. He opened it. yet rather than discovering the black glove with the pink stone, flames jumped up at him. “Ahh! ” Eric cried, approximately shedding the chest. all at once the fireplace replaced. earlier than his eyes the hearth turned enormous quantities of snaky creatures, slithering over each other. They gleamed crimson, then silver, then crimson back. occasionally they gave the look of flames.

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