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By Terence McKenna, Dennis McKenna

A completely revised variation of the much-sought-after early paintings through Terence and Dennis McKenna that appears at shamanism, altered states of cognizance, and the natural cohesion of the King Wen series of the I Ching.

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First and most crucial, the pineal gland gets experience from the retina. this isn't the experience of sight as we all know it. it's a description of depth, kind, and timing of sunshine, and maybe of different features of sunshine of which we're consciously unaware. . . subsequent, there's enter from that zone which as soon as used to be often called the rhinencephalon, the odor mind, and which now within the usa is going by means of the identify of the limbic process or visceral mind . . . (Wiener 1968, p. 915) proof additionally exists that exhibits that the pineal is delicate to different kinds of enter as well as photic and olfactory, together with temperature, sound, lengthy wavelength mild, and X rays (Wiener 1968, pp. 923, 931). Pineal output seems to be regulated by means of an adverse dating among the pineal and the pituitary. They have an effect on some of the related goal organs, together with melanocytes, gonads, mind, thyroid, thymus, and adrenal cortex, and either glands impression development of physique and of tumors, carbohydrate and fats metabolism, diuresis, and blood strain (Wiener 1968). commonly, the pineal has a tendency to have an inhibitory influence on pituitary hormones. This pineal-pituitary antagonism extends really to an interplay among pineal melatonin and pituitary MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone). the single identified features of those hormones are on pigment cells (melanocytes); melatonin lightens epidermis pigment cells by means of concentrating pigment granules, whereas MSH darkens pigment cells by way of dispersing the granules throughout the cytoplasm of the phone. even if melatonin is the main robust skin-lightening substance recognized, its precursor, serotonin, doesn't have any skin-lightening influence in doses as much as 4,000 micrograms (Wiener 1968). those pigment-affecting hormones were appeared through a few as a phytogenetic fossil with none specific functionality in people. Wiener (1968), even if, has proposed the daring speculation that the melanocytes could functionality as a resource of pheromones, that's, exohormones or exterior chemical messengers (ECM), ingredients published by way of an organism into the surroundings to impact the habit of different organisms: All pituitary and pineal hormones that we all know, with the exception of MSH and melatonin, exert a few trophic or antitrophic influence on different secretory cells. The MSH-melatonin pair, nonetheless, appear to act mostly on pigmented cells of the outside outer edge, to not control construction of any identified chemical messengers, yet to push and pull pigment granules round the phone, and that during frogs instead of in guy . . . The pigment phone makes no vital hormone that acts on its owner's physique. however it is found on the floor of the outside. may or not it's creating a hormone that acts on anyone else's physique, an exohormone instead of an endohormone? (Wiener 1968, p. 932) His speculation is fascinating and indicates the similar hypothesis that the neurotransmitterlike hallucinogens present in the plant nation may possibly equally act as pheromones (or, extra thoroughly, allomones) after they interact with a mammalian frightened method.

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