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By Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq Shirazi - XKP

This publication is the English translation of the Manaasik al-Hajj. The order of the cloth during this English model has

been saved kind of like the Arabic unique.

The booklet includes major components; the Hajj rulings, and the Hajj approach.

For the English translation, a 3rd half – word list – has been extra for

the benefit.


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E. Shaving or trimming. No sacrifice is needed. • He may still then visit Makkah on that day, or later, to accomplish the Hajj Tawaaf round the Ka‘bah seven instances, then practice the two-rak‘ah prayers of the tawaaf via the Maqaam or at the back of it. • He should still then continue to accomplish the sa‘y among Safa and Marwah seven occasions, • via Tawaaf an-Nisa and its prayers. • He may still then practice the remainder rituals of Mina, the mabeetand Ram’y, which whole the Hajj. • After this, he could even have to accomplish the Mufradah Umrah, the place he may still claim and think ihraam from “adnal-hill”. 13He may perhaps practice this Umrah all year long, even supposing as a precaution, he should still accomplish that once attainable. 123. If the Ifraad Hajj was once a mostahab one, or was once because of a vow to accomplish an Ifraad Hajj merely with out an Umrah, it truly is adequate for him to accomplish the Hajj simply, and he's not required to Mufradah Umrah. 124. The stipulations for the validity of the Ifraad Hajj are 3: thirteen which accurately capability the closest aspect the place you may be with out ihraam, in different phrases, the closest element the place the ihraam might be declared open air the Haram. For extra information see case # 143. a) the announcement of the niyyah or goal on the time of the ihraam, b) that it really is played through the months of Hajj, c) to claim and imagine the ihraam from the miqaat or from his apartment. one hundred twenty five. If one announces and assumes the ihraam with the goal of appearing a mostahab Ifraad Hajj, it'll now not be legitimate for him to alter his goal to accomplish the Mufradah Umrah with a view to practice the Tamattu‘ Hajj on behalf of somebody else. Qiraan Hajj strategy The 3rd classification of Hajj is the Qiraan Hajj, and the approach for it truly is as follows: The process for the Qiraan Hajj is strictly similar to that for Ifraad, with the exception that during this situation the individual acting this Hajj should have the sacrificial animal accompany him on the time of ihraam, [and it's going to accompany him until eventually the time of slaughter] while relating to Ifraad he doesn't have to provide a sacrifice. the individual that plays this Hajj has the choice of uttering the talbiyah, or marking the animal with an indication or a collar. bankruptcy nine Tamattu‘ Hajj info 127. The Tamattu‘ Hajj involves acts of worship: 1. The Tamattu‘ Umrah 2. The Tamattu‘ Hajj The Rites of the Tamattu‘ Umrah 128. The Umrah of Tamattu‘ comprises 5 rites: 1. Ihraam. 2. Tawaaf round the Holy Ka‘bah seven cycles. three. Salaat al-Tawaaf or the tawaaf prayer of 2 rak‘ah via Maqaam Ibrahim or in the back of it. four. Sa‘y among the Safa and Marwah seven occasions. five. Taqseer or trimming of a few of one’s hair or fingernails. 129. within the Umrah of Tamattu‘ the statement of the niyyah or purpose is compulsory, and so too is to accomplish the Umrah and Hajj jointly through the months of Hajj, that are Shawwaal, Dhil-Qa‘dah, and Dhil-Hejjah within the comparable 12 months, as pointed out formerly. a hundred thirty. The niyyah within the Umrah of Tamattu‘ – or in the other act of worship – is the psychological purpose, and the individual intends in his center that, “I practice the Hajj of Tamattu‘, starting with the Umrah of Tamattu‘, when looking nearness to Allah Almighty”.

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