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By Carol Belanger Grafton

This impressive compilation showcases the paintings of Gustave Doré, one of many 19th century's so much prolific and winning ebook illustrators. Brimming with lovely photographs created to accompany the world's maximum literature, this quantity compiles the very best and most renowned plates from Doré's work.
Scores of brilliant, finely wrought engravings characteristic such dramatic and strong scenes as Don Quixote tilting at windmills, Christ using the money-changers from the temple, Moses destroying the pills inscribed with the 10 Commandments, and Charon rowing his ferry to the gates of Hell. assets comprise immortal tales starting from Milton's Paradise Lost and Dante's Divine Comedy to Coleridge's Rime of the traditional Mariner, Poe's "The Raven," and greater than a dozen different books.
For photograph artists and architects, this assortment will offer an excellent collection of royalty-free pictures. For fans of paintings and literature, those encouraged plates will give you the definitive imagery of a number of literary classics.

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BRUNETTO LATINI “Are you the following, Ser Brunetto? ”(Inf. XV, 30). THE DESCENT at the MONSTER Onward he goeth, swimming slowly, slowly; / Wheels and descends (Inf. XVII, a hundred and fifteen, 116). BERTRAM DE BORN by means of the hair it held the pinnacle dissevered, / Hung from the hand in style of a lantern, / And that upon us gazed and acknowledged: “O me! ” (Inf. XXVIII, 121-123). THE GIANTS—NIMROD “Soul idiotic, / hold to thy horn, and vent thyself with that, / while wrath or different ardour touches thee” (Inf. XXXI, 70—72). ANTAEUS—DESCENT TO THE final CIRCLE yet flippantly within the abyss, which swallows up / Judas with Lucifer, he positioned us down (Inf. XXXI, 142, 143). THE EAGLE poor because the lightning he descended, / And snatched me upward even to the fireplace (Purg. IX, 29, 30). THE GLUTTONS And shadows, that seemed issues doubly useless, / From out the sepulchres in their eyes betrayed / ask yourself at me, acutely aware that i used to be residing (Purg. XXIV, 4-6). THE EMPYREAN In model then as of a snow-white rose / Displayed itself to me the saintly host (Par. XXXI, 1, 2). London: A Pilgrimage contained in the DOCKS WENTWORTH highway, WHITECHAPEL NEWGATE—EXERCISE backyard WAREHOUSING within the urban OPIUM SMOKING—THE LASCAR’S ROOM IN “EDWIN DROOD” BILLINGSGATE—EARLY MORNING A urban THOROUGHFARE The Rime of the traditional Mariner and that i had performed a hellish factor, and it should paintings ‘em woe. approximately, approximately, in reel and rout, the death-fires danced at evening. I seemed upon the rotting sea, and drew my eyes away. I heard, and in my soul discerned, voices within the air. This seraph-band, each one waved his hand: it used to be a heavenly sight! less than the water it rumbled on, nonetheless louder and extra dread. So lonely ‘twas, that God himself, scarce appeared there to be. background of the Crusades THE conflict OF NICAEA Godfrey, Tancred, and the 2 Roberts struggle valiantly, finally defeating the Turks. FLORINE OF BURGUNDY Florine, the duke of Burgundy’s daughter, courageously fights along her fiance, the king of Denmark’s son. APPARITION OF ST. GEORGE at the MOUNT OF OLIVES Godfrey and Raymond behold St. George at the Mount of Olives. RICHARD THE LION-HEART AND SALADIN on the conflict OF ARSUF at the battlefield, the armies of Richard and Saladin are reworked right into a crowded mob of infantrymen. access OF THE CRUSADERS INTO CONSTANTINOPLE The Crusaders invade Constantinople, killing everybody they come across, surroundings hearth to town, and scary the Greeks into chickening out. LOUIS IX sooner than DAMIETTA After jumping courageously into the ocean within the assault at Damietta, St. Louis and his military pause to supply due to God. A CELESTIAL gentle A celestial gentle illuminates the unburied our bodies of the warriors who died at Sefed. THE DEPARTURE FROM AIGUES-MORTES The Crusaders, led through King Charles of Anjou and St. Louis, got down to convert the emir of Tunis. MUHAMMAD II sooner than CONSTANTINOPLE Sultan Muhammad II lunges into the ocean on horseback after the Ottomans are weakened. CONFESSION A demise soldier seeks forgiveness for his sins. Orlando Furioso Alcina and Ruggiero out fishing (7:32).

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