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By Diane Duane

In an alternate-world la, prosecutor/psychic Lee Enfield and her accomplice, Gelert, examine the homicide of an elf. They quickly demonstrate a perilous community of ties between prepared crime, multinational enterprises, and planetary governments of the Seven Worlds--all operating jointly at the "ethnic cleansing" of elves from the trade international of Alfheim.

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Attainable confusion of the real rose, Rosa rosa , with Rhododendron ferrugineum , a species of the Ericaceae pop-ularly noted in different languages because the "alpenrose. " The plant which turns a few mountainous areas pink with its blooms in mid to overdue summer... Now botany, Lee suggestion. Who wishes this? yet her interest fairly was once starting to itch now. Are this stuff relatively only a fantasy ... or do they really exist, although rather well hid? definitely the Elves had the type of clout to hide whatever through misdirection or different potential in the event that they desired to. examine you, she concept then in disgust. you are getting as credulous because the Pulchritude Paper's readers ... think-ing that simply because you cannot locate any information regarding anything, anyone needs to be hiding it. Still... Lee sat there considering. Her caller final evening ... what was once the word he had used? "Imported with no Alfen interfer-ence. " Stolen, Lee concept. She shivered. the belief of the type of hassle you may get into—getting stuck stealing whatever from Alfheim, not to mention anything that seemed to have a few cultural signif-icance... yet why am I being invited to do exactly that? The doorbell rang. Lee sighed. "Peephole," she acknowledged. The display reverted to its defense functionality. status on her doorstep she observed a guy who might have been fallacious for a few 'forties movie famous person: tremendous, rawboned, in a dismal and re-tiring go well with that healthy him a lot too good, with open, kindly eyes in a corpulent, sincere face; an total glance that Lee had visible on adequate suspects in her time to make her suspect him of white-collar crime. It used to be nearly a sadness while he held up a superbly legitimate LAPD ident to the door. "Ms. Enfield? " he stated, relatively loudly. in the back of Lee, the sound procedure used to be reproducing the sound of the destruction of a neighboring universe through fireplace and a cave in of the neighborhood moral method. "Just a moment," Lee shouted over the typhoon of brasses and thunder. "System, open," she stated, getting up. "Then name Gelert on the of-fice... " The officer stepped in, having a look round; Lee went over to him and shook his hand. "Larry Mitcheson," he stated. "Divi-sion despatched me to be with you till this cools off. " "Whatever 'this' is," Lee acknowledged, "and every time that may be. am i able to provide you with whatever? Xoco? " "Can't stand it," Larry acknowledged in an I'm-sorry tone of voice. "Got tea? " "Just the undesirable robust style made of warehouse sweep-ings. " "Thank you, ma'am," he acknowledged. "Mind if i glance round? " "Feel free," Lee stated. "Don't brain the safety humans, they are changing the patio doorways. " "Armor glass? " Larry stated. "Doesn't appear like i've got a choice," Lee acknowledged, resigned, as Larry went prowling off round her condo God is aware what he will make of the closets, Lee proposal. I knew I must have wiped clean these out. yet that used to be most likely like your mother's suggestion approximately donning fresh lingerie, if you happen to might be in an coincidence; you obeyed it and did not have an twist of fate for two decades, after which allow it slip only once and obtained broadsided. ON one other name: PLEASE dangle ON, acknowledged Gelert's own usher in.

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