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By F.J. Duarte

Quantum Optics for Engineers offers a clear and methodical creation to quantum optics through the Dirac's bra–ket notation with an emphasis on sensible functions and uncomplicated facets of quantum mechanics reminiscent of Heisenberg's uncertainty precept and Schrodinger's equation.

Self-contained and utilizing mostly first-year calculus and algebra instruments, the book:

  • Illustrates the interferometric quantum starting place of primary optical rules reminiscent of diffraction, refraction, and reflection
  • Provides a clear creation, through Dirac's notation, to the likelihood amplitude of quantum entanglement
  • Explains functions of the chance amplitude of quantum entanglement to optical communications, quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation, and quantum computing.

Quantum Optics for Engineers is succinct, obvious, and useful, revealing the interesting international of quantum entanglement through many functional examples. abundant illustrations are used all through its presentation and the speculation is gifted in a methodical, certain technique.

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