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“There is not any better present to guy than to appreciate not anything of his fate”, proclaims poet-philosopher Paul Valery. And but the looking man or woman seeks forever to disentangle the networks of reviews, wishes, inward promptings, own targets, and increased strivings which directed his/her life-course inside altering conditions with the intention to detect his experience of lifestyles. Literature seeks in several channels of perception the dominant threads of “the feel of life”, “the inward quest”, “the frames of experience” in attaining the inward resources of what we name ‘destiny’ encouraged by means of event and temporality which hold it on. This strange assortment unearths the deeper generative components which shape feel of existence stretching among future and doom. They get away cognizance of their metamorphic modifications of the inexorable, irreversibility of time which undergoes various interpretations within the stages interpreting our lifestyles. Our key to lifestyles needs to be ever found anew.

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