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By Michael Coughlan

Beginning COBOL for Programmers is a entire, subtle educational and modular abilities reference at the COBOL programming language for verified programmers. This booklet is for you while you're a developer who would prefer to—or must—add COBOL in your repertoire. probably you know the possibilities offered through the present COBOL talents hindrance, or are operating in a challenge severe company which keeps legacy COBOL functions. no matter what your scenario, Beginning COBOL for Programmers meets your wishes as a longtime programmer relocating to COBOL.

Beginning COBOL for Programmers comprises complete assurance of ANS eighty five COBOL positive aspects and methods, together with keep watch over buildings, names, sequential and direct entry documents, info redefinition, string dealing with, decimal mathematics, subprograms, and the document author. the ultimate bankruptcy features a titanic creation to object-oriented COBOL.

Benefiting from over 100 instance courses, you’ll obtain an intensive advent to the center and complicated gains of the COBOL language and should discover ways to follow those via entire and sundry routines. If you will have inherited a few legacy COBOL, you’ll be capable of snatch the COBOL idioms, comprehend the constructs, and realize what is occurring within the code you’re operating with.

Today’s company program builders will locate that COBOL talents open new—or old—doors, and this wide COBOL reference is the booklet that can assist you gather and enhance your COBOL skills.

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