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By Juergen K. Mai, George Paxinos, Joseph K. Assheuer

This is often the second one version of this very profitable Atlas that acquired the Award of Excellence from the yank organization of Publishers and is the most advantageous for human mind atlases. the hot version is totally redesigned, with extra magnetic resonance pictures, line drawings, and an generally multiplied element of coronal pictures. The variety of hemisphere sections has been doubled, and all planes of sections are actually on hand in 3-D versions positioned in the Talairach area. The layout of the atlas has been enlarged and the data reorganized at the web page for stronger performance. The thoroughly revised and redesigned CD-ROM now comes typical with the e-book.

New to this Edition:
* Employs higher layout for simpler appreciation of delineations
* Shadings and moment colour make the road drawings more straightforward to interpret
* exhibits the process significant blood vessels at the radiograms in addition to the vascular domain names of the mind arteries
* The myeloarchitectonic atlas includes sixty nine coronal diagrams depicting the whole hemisphere (cortex and subcortex)
* Mounts the drawings into the Talairach house

Additional fabric at the CD-ROM:
Macroscopic atlas:
* complete colour anatomical sections
* Drawings of anatomical sections coloured for various tissues
* 3D visualization of MRI
Myeloarchitectonic atlas:
* contains unique myelin stained sections, permitting overlay of delineations
* hyperlinks from myelin stained sections to Nissl stains
* offers all proper literature touching on the represented mind in complete textual content, in addition to the figures and seek performance

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