Download E-books A Frequency Dictionary of French: Core Vocabulary for Learners (Routledge Frequency Dictionaries) PDF

By Deryle Lonsdale

A Frequency Dictionary of French is a useful device for all newbies of French, delivering an inventory of the 5000 most often used phrases within the language.

Based on a 23-million-word corpus of French including written and spoken fabric either from France and abroad, this dictionary offers the person with specific details for every of the 5000 entries, together with English equivalents, a pattern sentence, its English translation, utilization information, and a sign of sign up edition.

Users can entry the pinnacle 5000 phrases both throughout the major frequency directory or via an alphabetical index. in the course of the frequency directory there are thematically-organized lists of the pinnacle phrases from various key issues resembling activities, climate, garments, and kin terms.

An attractive and hugely resource, the Frequency Dictionary of French will let scholars of all degrees to get the main out in their examine of French vocabulary.

Deryle Lonsdale is affiliate Professor within the Linguistics and English Language division at Brigham younger college (Provo, Utah). Yvon Le Bras is affiliate Professor of French and division Chair of the French and Italian division at Brigham younger college (Provo, Utah).

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Is there an antenna at the roof? sixty one | 507-l 3247 tarif nm expense, price, fare, tariff • le contenu du message dépendra du tarif – the content material of the message is determined by the speed sixty eight | 398 3248 remplacement nm substitute, status in • il vous en donne une nouvelle en remplacement de votre carte perdue – he is providing you with a brand new alternative on your misplaced card sixty nine | 380 3249 devise nf forex, motto, slogan • le buck progressait également face aux autres devises – the buck additionally won over the opposite currencies 70 | 364-s 3250 optimisme nm optimism • selon moi, son optimisme ne se justifie pas – in my view, his optimism is not justified seventy eight | 253 3251 chanteur nadj singer • elle réalisait son rêve. elle était chanteuse – she fulfilled her dream. she was once a singer sixty six | 420 3252 décret nm decree • le président an indicationé un décret – the president signed a decree sixty eight | 385 3253 écrit nadj writing • hélas, tous ses écrits sont perdus! – lamentably, all of his writings were misplaced! sixty four | 459 3254 recommendation nf recommendation • cette advice enchanta le directeur – this recommendation charmed the director 70 | 354+s 3255 queue nf tail, deal with, stalk, stem, rear • faites los angeles queue et ne poussez pas – get in line and do not push sixty nine | 375 3256 durement adv harshly, significantly • nous avons assez durement vécu, en tant que kingdom – we've lived particularly a harsh existence, as a kingdom seventy eight | 248 3257 applaudir v to clap, applaud • il voudrait que nous applaudissions son discours – he sought after us to applaud his speak seventy seven | 265 3258 sucre nm sugar • le marché du sucre se présentait comme une gourmandise – the sugar industry resembled a bit of sweet seventy six | 272 3259 prioritaire nadj(f) precedence, having precedence, having correct of method • je te fais un passe prioritaire – i will provide you with a special-entry move seventy three | 321 3260 chair nf flesh • elle était bien en chair – she regarded obese fifty seven | 562+l -n 3261 exécutif nadj govt • los angeles responsabilité du pouvoir exécutif doit être entière – the accountability of government energy needs to be whole sixty seven | 399 3262 compétent adj efficient • je ne suis pas compétent pour ce variety d'opération – i am not efficient for this sort of operation sixty eight | 384+s 3263 sable adji,nm sand • j'ai dormi dans le sable des dunes – I slept within the sand dunes sixty five | 436+l 3264 corruption nf corruption • l. a. inhabitants souffre de l. a. corruption des politiciens – the inhabitants suffers from politicians' corruption sixty three | 470 3265 blé nm wheat • le blé n'est plus cultivé dans cette région – wheat isn't cultivated during this area sixty nine | 377 3266 chaos nm(pl) chaos • pour éviter los angeles panique et le chaos, le public ne doit rien savoir – to prevent panic and chaos, the general public needs to recognize not anything seventy seven | 265 3267 référer v to refer, seek advice, consult with • je vous réfère à notre défense – I refer you to our security sixty eight | 388 3268 obéir v to obey, conform to, reply to • il n'obéit à aucune loi – he does not obey any legislations sixty four | 445 3269 fusil nm rifle, gun • sans mon fusil, je ne suis rien – with out my rifle, i am not anything sixty eight | 383 3270 taper v to overcome, slam, bang, variety • tapez Control-U pour vider le champ Répertoire – style Control-U to erase the Index box sixty seven | 398 3271 cohérent adj coherent • votre récit paraît cohérent et logique – your account turns out coherent and logical seventy two | 325 19 growing nouns – 2 -sion (all are F) décision 370 determination celebration 423 likelihood fee 461 fee challenge 627 undertaking impact 825 impact pression 845 strain dialogue 882 dialogue expression 952 expression émission 1074 transmission model 1165 model télévision 1179 tv end 1215 end department 1440 department imaginative and prescient 1505 imaginative and prescient prévision 1602 forecast measurement 1717 measurement confusion 1755 confusion précision 1756 precision rigidity 1799 pressure pension 1821 pension ardour 1866 ardour transmission 1933 transmission explosion 2121 explosion diffusion 2129 diffusion career 2163 occupation -tion (all are F) query one hundred forty four query state of affairs 223 state of affairs 281 situation info 317 details motion 355 motion relation 356 courting place 383 place cognizance 482 consciousness inhabitants 509 inhabitants fonction 516 functionality employer 570 association kingdom 576 state course 582 path answer 608 resolution création 634 production construction 638 construction intervention 746 intervention opération 763 operation purpose 782 purpose proposition 799 proposition formation 831 education movement 855 movement élection 862 election establishment 937 establishment négociation 941 negotiation 3272 discrétion nf discretion • elle était connue pour son absolue discrétion – she used to be popular for her overall discretion eighty two | 198 3273 odeur nf scent, scent • il sentait mauvais, l'odeur des vieillards – he smelled undesirable, the stench of outdated males fifty five | 598+l -n -s 3274 identity nf identity • il n'a pas de papiers d'identification – he does not have id papers sixty one | 501+n 3275 fêter v to have a good time • je crois qu'on devrait fêter ça – i feel we must always rejoice that seventy five | 288 3276 substantiel adj vast • on a fait une development substantielle – we've got made sizeable growth seventy five | 285 3277 asiatique nadj(f) Asian • los angeles Russie n'est un will pay ni asiatique ni européen – Russia is neither an Asian kingdom nor a ecu one sixty nine | 376 3278 aspiration nf aspiration • nous devons répondre aux aspirations de ces will pay – we needs to reply to the aspirations of those nations seventy eight | 253 3279 photographie nf images • vos photographies m'ont fait passer des heures inoubliables – i've got spent numerous unforgettable hours together with your images seventy four | 297 3280 exclusion nf exclusion, expulsion • los angeles pauvreté et l'exclusion sociale sont en grave augmentation – poverty and social exclusion are expanding heavily sixty six | 413 3281 préconiser v to suggest, suggest • je préconise l. a. souplesse plutôt que los angeles ligne dure – i like to recommend flexibility instead of a troublesome line sixty six | 410 3282 tribune nf platform, discussion board, gallery • divers orateurs défilèrent à l. a. tribune – numerous audio system filed as much as the speaker's gallery seventy one | 342 3283 bénéficiaire nadj(f) beneficiary • nous demeurons les bénéficiaires des sacrifices – we're the beneficiaries of sacrifices sixty two | 486 3284 historien nm historian • les historiens en débattront pendant longtemps – historians will debate this for a very long time seventy two | 331 3285 grab det,nmi 16 • elle y chante depuis l'âge de grab ans – she has been making a song there in view that she was once 16 years outdated sixty three | 463 3286 tentation nf temptation • des tentations lui revinrent à l'esprit – temptations got here into his brain seventy five | 284 3287 gloire nf glory, popularity • il ne recherche ni gloire, ni fortune – he seeks neither glory nor fortune sixty five | 438+l 3288 vanter v to vaunt, boast, brag • je suis con et je m'en vante – i am an fool and i am pleased with it seventy four | 297 3289 coincer v to jam, prevent, get caught • nous sommes coincés dans les embouteillages – we are caught in site visitors jams sixty nine | 367 3290 silencieux nadj(pl) silent, noiseless, silencer • elle était silencieuse l. a. plupart du temps – she used to be silent as a rule sixty nine | 377+l 3291 continu nadj non-stop • vous êtes fier de ce succès continu?

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